Is a Sentence of Life in Prison for Stealing $150 Worth of Videotapes Constitutional?

This week we are discussing issue #13 in our text books in class.  Issue #13 poses the question; Is a Sentence of Life in Prison for Stealing $150 Worth of Videotapes Constitutional? After reading both sides of this issue from Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor and from Supreme Court Justice David Souter and for this issue I would say it’s unconstitutional.  The way I think about it is you commit a hideous crime like murder or violent crimes you should be punished to the max extent possible on the first strike.  For smaller or less serious felonies I do like the idea of the three strikes but I also would say that you should get punished with each one and the third being the max sentence.  I do agree with Justice Souter that the punishment should be based on the criminal but keeping in mid the type of crime.  We as a nation should have a standard across the board for all types of crimes this way everyone is treated equally depending on offense and crime.  For small crimes like misdemeanors or non violent felonies I believe the person should be given an opportunity to rehab first and maybe not in a full prison setting this way the person has the chance to reflect especially if it’s their first crime.  For some people it only takes the scare of being in prison to shake them back to reality and get them back on the straight track.


About Janet Blanco

Hello, my name is Janet and I live in Cape Coral, Fl. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have three wonderful children. My daughter Jannel is 11 and does competitive dance. My son Ryan is 8 and plays baseball and last but not least our new addition Raydel is 2 months old and is busy keeping the rest of us busy. Besides being a mom and wife I attend school full time at Hodges University. I am currently enrolled in their Bachelor's degree program for Legal Studies. I hope to finish in the next year and go on to law school. I have learned that I can achieve anything I set my mind to do as long as I have the will.

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